A year ago this weekend…

A year ago this Memorial Day weekend, we began production on “the best part of my day”.  Time flies doesn’t it?  I think back to where I was living (a pretty tiny flat in that courtyard), what I was doing, and who I was doing it with, and it really gets to me how far I, and everyone else, have come.  Really puts things into perspective.

So I personally feel like I have a lot to thank so many people for.  This film has absolutely changed my life in a positive way.  Here’s how.

1.)  Fests:  Heartland Film Festival (Primary Goal Achieved, EXTREMELY positive experience), Cleveland Int Film Fest (First Professional Award garnered, and a happy one at that, huge street cred, won back half of my investment),  Big Island Film Festival (took me to a place off-continent finally, and we made some great film friends).
2.)  Noteriety:  Our website has breached the 10,000 hits mark, not too shabby.  Peaks occur right after fests.  There’s a ton of people who actually know who we are in Indy as well, including several peeps from the 48 hr film fest.  Google our film in quotes.  You’ll see us on a ton of movie review blogs.  Very fun.
3.)  Professionally:  The company I work for, was able to sell a huge job to one of the biggest clients we could ever hope for, due directly to the success of our film.

And the ride (hopefully) isn’t over yet.  We’re waiting to hear back from Amsterdam, Feel Good Film Fest, St. Louis Film Fest, and Harvest Moon.  I still plan to submit to Cannes, Tribeca, and with Cinequest and Slamdance, I plan to re-submit there.  We plan to sell the film to raise funds for the next film, and after we hear from all the fests, we’ll finally post online publicly and notify every major movie blog about it.

Thank you, the blog reader, for reading and supporting our filmmaking efforts.  Without your support, your viewership, this wouldn’t be art.  It’d just be a bunch of people making fast-moving pictures together.  : )

Recap of BIFF!

So I was lucky enough to attend Big Island Film Festival 2010, and it was an awesome time.  We spent a few days in Honolulu, then headed to the Big Island for the festival.  From the VIP gala, to the swank resort (Mauna Lani), to the various Hawaii-only activities we participated in (boating to a small island, snorkeling with the sea turtles, and exploring the volcano/lava fields), I couldn’t have asked for more.  Mahalo for having me BIFF!

View from our room… you could literally walk out to the hottub (left) or ocean (right).

VIP Reception

Chilling with Stuart and Tracey, the stars of Tick Tock, at the VIP Reception.

During the festival there were several showcases, and I was able to attend a few.  There were a some films and filmmakers I was very impressed with, and I want to highlight them below…

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The Big Island Film Festival!

Hi everybody! The Big Island Film Festival is coming up next month, and as you know, “the best part of my day” will be one of the short films being shown!

Mark your calendars, because “the best part of my day” will be screening at 10 AM on Friday, May 14th! There will be members of the crew present at the screening, including Ben, so if you are there please find the group and introduce yourself! Any questions or comments about the film are always welcomed and encouraged.

The BIFF celebrates independent narrative filmmaking with five days of events on the Kohala coast of Hawaii Island. This marks the fifth year for the growing festival, and there are a lot of great events and films on the schedule this year. For more information about the films being shown, the sponsors, recent years, or the festival in general, you can visit the Big Island Film Festival website. You can also find a schedule there of all of the films being shown this year!

So let’s recap. You can see “the best part of my day,” a huge selection of other great short and feature films, and the beauty of Hawaii over a span of five days of fun…

Have you booked your plane tickets yet?


Hey everyone! So fantastic news – “the best part of my day” has been ACCEPTED into the Big Island Film Fest, and has WON the “Clover and Maggie Award” at the Cleveland International Film Festival! That’s right – we’re up to three acceptances and one award, making the film AWARD WINNING!!

This is monumental.  I can’t begin to thank everyone involved at the CIFF for awarding us this honor, we’re truly touched.  More details to come on this exciting award and the Big Island Film Fest in the next post!

Another acceptance – CIFF!! Huge!

What an awesome day – “the best part of my day” has been ACCEPTED to the Cleveland International Film Festival!

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Challenges with the film

Getting “the best part of my day” made was by far the largest personal achievement I’ve realized in a long time.  It was a blast to conceptualize, to prepare for, to film, to edit, and to share.  The response the film’s garnered from the Heartland Film Festival and limited showings has been overwhelming in a fantastic way.  It’s honestly very fun right now, because cmon, when is it not fun fun going “look what I made!”, knowing you’ll elicit some form of reaction?  That’s simply what any art is all about.

All that said, there were definitely some trials to this production.

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